Contact Details Window

Once a contact is created, you can add more detailed information to the contact and dependant on the profiles added access related records. 

You can edit the contact details by selecting the pencil symbols or by Actions > Edit contact details

Contact Information 

Multiple phone numbers and emails can be added per contact. Place your cursor over the email box or phone numbers box and select edit

Additional Information that you can record within this edit screen:

  • Website
  • Address
  • Correspondence Address
  • Birth date
  • Additional details
  • Employment or education details

Activate User Login

Each contact can be invited to access their account information. Dependent on the profile set, would display the related information accordingly. 

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Each contact's profile, can have an associated payments account. 

This can be accessed from the tool bar:

Or under their profile side bar:

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Communication Button 

Send emails and text messages based on default and your system templates. 

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Paperwork Button 

Create documents based on the contact information or contact profile related information. 

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Files Button

Create folders and save your documents and files stored within that contact. 

Contact Persons

Add related contacts to a main contact, like Joint Landlord, Spouse, Guarantor etc

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Bank Accounts 

Add multiple bank accounts for a contact, select a default for payments to be made to or from when using the payment features.