Within Landmax.pro, by using templates in combination with Excel, you can create CSV files of your data. 

The best method, is to create a template, and between each field place a symbol $

Create a Property Report

Go to Settings > Templates.

Create new templates: 


Insert all the fields required, separating each with $, this symbol acts as a column creator.

See example of Template: 


Save report and generate: 


When the report is generated - select all and copy to a NotePad .txt file on your desktop. 


From here, you can open in Excel and create a delimited tab csv file. 


In Excel - go to Data Tab: 



Then select From Text

This will open a file selector. Open the txt file you saved earlier. This will trigger the Text Import Wizard. 

Original data type - change to Delimited

Then click Next


In step 2 of wizard, select Tab and Other. Within the Other box add $

Then click Finish 


This will open confirm import screen - Select Ok


The data will then be imported. You can save as default excel spreadsheet or save as CSV, to upload to other programs.