Payment contexts

Relate to the type of payments. Each payment can have the following context: 

- No Context 

General payment un-related to any property, tenancy or maintenance. Usually contact charges, like ID checks. 

- Tenancy Context 

A payment that relates to a specific tenancy. Useful for rent payments or tenancy related charges. 

- Property Context

A payment that is only specific to a property, regardless if tenancies or no tenancies. Useful also for Sale related charges. 

- Contractor Job Context 

A payment related to a maintenance issue for a property. Useful if you want to transfer payment to contractor, upon their bill being paid. 

Example: Tenancy Context

If the context is tenancy, then another option appears: Rent - Is rent payment?

This will treat this payment as rent and will follow the rules based with that tenancy's tenancy settings screen. I.e transfer rent to landlord once paid, charge management fee etc. 



Example: Contractor Job Context

If the context is contractor job, then another option appears: Transfer to contractor?

This will treat this payment to transfer to contractor, once paid by the contractor.