Example: Agency URL in Proposal List 

In this example, we want to display the Agency URL, that is a field outside the proposal list group of fields. To display this we need to instruct the template to look outside the list. We do this with the @root special helper. 

This example, we want to produce a URL, that links to the proposal and displays the relevant page structure. 

Helper - @root

This is binded with the field, to trigger the merge outside of the main list.  


Helper - if / else

Helpers that allow for the field to dynamically change

Field - lettingProposal

A field that states the proposal is a lettings proposal  


List Trigger - each

{{each}} is the start of the list and {{/each}} is the end of a list of fields. 

Example String: 

{{#each}}  {{@root.agency.webSite}}/{{#if lettingProposal}}lettings{{else}}sales{{/if}}/details/{{publicId}}/ {{/each}}