Example Date Format Helpers

For this example we are using dates from two different data sources, viewing and tenancy data sources.

Example: Date format with Time

Helper - dateFmt 

Formats the field to a Date Format 

Helper - timeFmt

Formats the field to a Time Format

Parameter - Day / Month / Year / Hour / Minute

Apply a parameter to the date format to display according to your requirement/ 

- can be written in a number of ways

{{dateFmt viewing.date "%d/%m/%Y %H:%M"}}

{{dateFmt viewing.date}} {{timeFmt viewing.date}}

Example: Tenancy date format long

Date format long  

{{dateFmt tenancy.startDate "%d %B %Y"}}

Example: Date Today format long

Now - Date format long 

{{dateFmt 0 "%d %B %Y"}}

Example: Date UK format

Helper - dateFmtUK

Formats the date based on UK DD/MM/YYYY

{{dateFmtUK tenancy.startDate}}

Example: Date Word Format


Helper - dateFmt

Formats the date

Parameter - %v %R


{{dateFmt tenancy.startDate "%v %R"}}