What are Helpers?

Helpers are used in addition to standard fields. They allow you to add changes to each field according to the helper. 

The helper is just basically added to the field between the curvy brackets. Within a template will display as {{helper field}}. 

Example: Adding helper to Property Long Description field

A standard field: 

{{property.longDescription}} results in raw long description 

A standard field with capitalizeEach helper added:

{{capitalizeEach property.longDescription}} results in paragraph with each word starting with a capital letter. 


Some helpers you can define parameters. 

A standard field with truncate helper and parameter:

{{truncate property.longDescription "33" "..."}} results in paragraph being truncated to 33 characters and ends with ...

Example: Adding helper to Raw Tenancy Start Date Field

A standard field:

{{tenancy.startDate}} results in a raw format 1459468800000

A standard field with dateFmtUK helper added:

{{dateFmtUK tenancy.startDate}} results in 01/04/2016

What type of helpers are there?

There are many helpers, from functions, logic and maths to simple formatting or style affects. You could create a dynamic document or email that changes based on circumstance or event, written with the benefit of helpers. 


These helpers are applied to list type fields. And allow functions that sort, order, change results based on the list. 

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Apply logic, like if, is, else. Use to compare results within data and produce the result accordingly. 

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Apply date helper to any date field. This will change the format to suit. 

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Converts fields to numbers or turns numbers into a ordinal string. I.e 22 to 22nd 

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Get the most from your templates by creating calculations with your template. A good example is a 5% rent increase on producing a tenancy renewal letter. 

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Allow you to stylize the field, and format it differently on how it is stored within the record. 

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