Create a general appointment

By clicking on a specific time or date on the calendar, you are able to create an appointment.

Click on calendar


 An appointment window will appear. 

Custom Appt

Enter what ever title best describes your appointment

Custom - Title

Colour code each appointment.

Custom - Colour


Enter a time specific appointment or have an all day event. All day event’s are shown at the top of the day view.

Custom - Time 1          Custom - Time 2

Location and short description of appointment.

Custom - description

Save the event and the appointment will be list in the calendar.



Viewing appointment

You can create a viewing appointment directly within the calendar. Either by clicking on the time that you wish add the appointment or by adding custom appointment.

Within the appointment screen on bottom left corner, is Create a viewing appointment button.

Create A vIEWING

This will open a specific viewing appointment form within the system. Linking the appointment with the viewing and applicant records.

Create a viewing 2