Multiple payments 


A landlord can have a number of rental payments and charges from various tenancies, currently using the balance button without placing payments in statements, may not match the balances as intended. To do this, we create a statement for a set of payments, and balance and process within the statement. 

We will start from the Landlords payment account, assuming that a number of tenants have paid there rent and management fees have been applied. 

From the payment account, select Due Payments 

This will open up the list all Due Payments: 

Select the payments that you want to show in one Tenancy related statement. 

Then select Add to a statement, create new

Tip: statement name is defaulted, but can be edited to suit ease of use. 

Once done, you can access the statement list from the Payments Account. 

Access statement list: 

Tip: You can also access each statement from the due payment screen, by selecting the statement link. 

Select a Statement. Within the statement, select Actions > balance payments. This will create an amount that needs to be sent or received for this particular statement. 

Once you have an amount, go back to Actions and select Register Outgoing. This will balance any outgoings with the statement due to send. 

Then click communication > Send email

Then continue the process of creating remaining statements until completed.