Access payments for a contact

Each profile can have a corresponding payment account. I.e Landlord payment account, Vendor payment account. This will allow you to track payments with the associated profile of one contact. 

To access payments for a contact, select the contact and see payments account: 

Payments activities 

This is an off-ledger record of transactions, actions, like creation and deletion. Recording amount, staff member and description of action. This data is purely for transactional history and does not affect the payment data of a contact. 

Payments side bar 

Total due

This is the total amount of due payments that have not been processed as received or sent. 

Total unprocessed 

This is the total amount of incoming or outgoing amounts, not allocated against any due payments. 

Register Incoming 

Is a function that allows you to record incoming money. 

Register Outgoing 

Is a function that allows you to record outgoing money. 


Receipts are logs of incoming or outgoing money, that may have allocated due payments against. 


Are a single or collection of due payments that are due to be paid and documented as due via the invoice. 


Statements are a collection of due payments receivables and payables, within one document. With the balance of the difference. Note the statement is dynamic, can be produced prior payment and post payment. The statement template will generate amounts as due and paid to correspond to paid data. 

Upcoming payments 

Is a list of upcoming payments per contact, shown per tenancy and contact's payments highlighted.