A fee can occur based on a period / date / action that takes place within a tenancy. With each fee you can set this as trigger. 

Triggers that charge on a recurring period

Every day

Every month 

Every other month

Every six months

Every week

Two weekly

Every year

Four weekly 


Triggers that charge on an date

Tenancy ended

Tenancy started

Specific day

Triggers that charge on an action

Tenancy activated

Tenant added during pre-tenancy

Tenant made rent payment 

Additional Options

Under Tenant Fees, you can set a trigger for the payment to go to the Landlords account once paid. 

Just tick the box - Transfer to Landlord 

Tenant Fee Collection Rule Example: Tenancy activated

Basically this trigger will charge the fee once the tenancy has be activated. From under offer status to active. 

Activate the tenancy and certain triggers that you have set will take place and create the payment due against the tenant contact account. 

Example of a fee being charged on activation of the tenancy: