Viewing Details Window

The viewing window, contains the relevant information for a viewing. From comments and notes to viewing feedback. Parts of this information is then added to the calendar and accessible via prospects profiles and proposal screens. 

Edit Viewing Details 

To edit the viewing or add viewing feedback, select Actions > Edit Viewing Details:

Viewing Side Bar 

Current Status

A tenancy status defines if the viewing has been requested, scheduled, completed or cancelled. 

Any viewing requests created via your website, will be labelled with a Requested Status. And viewings created by Admin or Staff will be automatically labelled scheduled. 


If creating a viewing from a prospect screen, or if the prospect requested a viewing on your website, the prospect will automatically be added. Otherwise they can be added to the create viewing screen manually. 

Assign Staff

Assigning staff to a viewing, and track these appointments via the Calendar. 

Cancel Viewing or Delete

Cancel viewing, changes the status to cancelled and keeps a record of any viewing information. Delete permanently removes the Viewing Record. 

Changes History

Records any change to the viewing records.