Quick Access to marketing  tools

The side bar will allow you access to everyday advertising processes, like match applicant, quickly locate property and much more. The point of the screen is to manage potential prospects, viewings and marketing on-line. 

Side bar Menu

Change advertising options

If the status of an advert changes, select change advertising options. This will allow you to change the following: 

Advertise: Turn on / off advert from being published. 
Advertise As: Change status of proposal, if sale, mark as Sold. 
Featured: On your website, this will be listed in the featured list. 
End advertising on: Auto-turn off advert. 

Show on map

Quickly locate the property. Zoom in scroll around, show street view powered by Google Maps. 

Related Viewings

Quickly see all related viewings for a proposal. 

Match Applicants / Prospects

Once the advert has been completed, match against pre-existing prospects by selecting match applicants. In one click match against interested prospects. 

Create a viewing 

With a client, just described a proposal, book a viewing in a few clicks. 

Create a Sale / Create a Tenancy 

If sales proposal, create a sale once the property sale has been completed. Or if a lettings proposal, create a tenancy. 

Sharing the proposal 

Show on website

Proof the advert, by looking on-line. Note that you need to update website via quick update, if you want it to display immediately.

Quick buttons that allow you to post on line. 

Connect to the account via your browser and click one of the share on-line buttons. 

  • Share on Twitter
  • Share on Facebook
  • Share on Google+
  • or copy URL

Note: make sure you have pop-ups allowed for facebook posts.