How Tenancy Settings creates Upcoming Payments

Tenancy settings create the payments listed on Upcoming Payments screen. The settings are based on your configuration, allowing for payments to be created dynamically and when used with fee triggers, correctly applies charges to the given situation. 

Because tenancy payments are rule based, it allows you quickly to set up the payments and verify them via the Upcoming Payments Screen. 

Preview Upcoming Payments

Tip: Test all the different Fee triggers and then preview the upcoming payments, after a few goes you will be designing payment schedules that you thought were not possible. Find out more about Fee Triggers

Payments Make Due Now

This feature allows you to make payments that are due in the future to become due today. Useful if you want to receive payments in advance and allocate them against payments from the future.  

Just click on the  symbol, to make the payment due now: 

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