TV Advertiser

TV Advertiser is for displaying advertised properties on either a plasma/LCD screen in an office window, on a projector. Any screen with a HDMI connection.

You will require the following:

Set up Google Chromecast device.

Go to

This guide is for a PC Install.

Note the above link if selected in a mobile browser, will take you to the App, which will help you install the Chromecast.




Open and run chromecastinstaller.exe


Once Installed. Open Chromecast shortcut on the desktop

ChromeCast Shortcut

Follow the prompts till device is saved as discovered.

ChromeCast App Connected Example


Set up Chromecast extension in Chrome Browser


Within Chrome Browser – Open this link:



An extension for Google Chrome – Google Cast (Beta) will appear.

Select + Freeto install this extension

Google Cast - Confirm New Extension

Select Add

This extension will then be added to the top right corner of your Chrome Browser.

Google Cast Extension on Chrome

Subscribe to TV App in Billing Settings

Within your account, subscribe to TV App

Once subscribed

Open Configuration 

Within the TV Advertiser screen, there are TV Slider Settings:


Tick the boxes to suit your preferences.


Then go to Chrome Extension to connect to device. 

Then select CLICK TO PLAY

Click to Play TV Property Display

Select Confirm

This should activate Google Cast Extension in Chrome. 

Your property proposals from lettings software, should start casting on your TV

You can log out and even close chrome, and the cast will still run on your chrome cast connected TV.

TV Display Example from Landmax