How to create a Proposal

In this example, we want to advertise the same property as a Sale and for Let.

You can access proposals from either Properties or via Advertising. 

Via Advertising

Via the Property

Within the Property, you will see Proposals on the right hand side. Here is where the multiple Advertising Proposals are managed. Select the Proposals Button.

New Letting Proposal

You can create either a Lettings proposal or Sales proposal. Select the New Proposal Button, this will open a drop down for New Letting Proposal and New Sale Proposal. 

In this example, we will create a New Letting Proposal.

- Select New Letting Proposal


New Advertising Proposal Screen

Add New Advertising Proposal Screen will open.

Reference - Easy to remember reference for searching and for your clients

Tenure – defaults to Whole Property

This is useful, if you wish to advertise individual rooms within the same property. Allowing you to create room adverts without duplicating information.

The next set of fields are industry standard, and relate to the pricing of the proposal.

Advertising Options

Along the top of the Advertising Proposal is a Button – Advertising Options. Select and complete, then Save Proposal and it will be listed in the proposals list. 

Within this section, you can: 

Advertise this Proposal – By ticking this box will display this proposal, via the many property portals, like Zoopla, Rightmove, PropertyIni etc.

Advertise as -  To Let, Let Agreed, or Under Offer.

Mark As Featured – will display the proposal as a featured listing on your website.

Auto-Advertising -  will enable the proposal to be uploaded to the property portals and your website in a timed manner. Useful for setting properties to advertise, on a set date.

This process, can be repeated as many times as you wish. You can advertise different pricing strategies or different parts of the property simultaneously.

See screenshot of this as an example.