Assigning a Contractor

Each Maintenance Issue can have a number of Contractors assigned to inspect, quote or complete. Select Related Contractor Jobs within the Maintenance Issue to add a contractor.


Select Add New Job


An Add Contractor Job Window will appear:

Start Date: Automatically defaults to today’s date.

End Date: Automatically defaults to 5 days Later.

Note you can change these dates to match the contractor Start and End Date.


On the same screen, select the + symbol within the Landlord field. This will bring up a box to Create New Contractor.

Note: If a contractor is already within your system, just start entering the name and it will appear to be selected

Job Description: Is recommended to be used for the description of the works required by that single contractor. For example, if you have a maintenance issue for Fitting a Bathroom, you can assign multiple contractors. For example a tradesman for Tiling, and Electrician for wiring. Each doing a part of the entire maintenance issue. This way easily group contractors under a maintenance issue.


Once the details have been entered, Save Contractor Job. It will display as within Contractor Jobs List Window.


By selecting the Contractor Job Title, you can add more details of the stages of the job or complete and add expenses to be billed.


To change status details, just select Edit Details button and change Status, Start, End date or Contractor Job Description.