Creating a Maintenance Issue

To create a Maintenance Issue, you can create one from either opening:


Properties, Selecting the Property and then select Maintenance Issues

Or you can have access straight away, via Maintenance Issues Button on the desktop


Select + Report New Issue


A Report Maintenance Issue window will appear. Automatically, the issue will pre-fill a automatic reference. Note this can be overwritten.

Description: Enter the actual issue, advisable to asked location of fault and type of fault, and as many details as possible.

Due Date: This can be a date expected turn around. This will help you to monitor deadlines or dates that have been advised. This can also be left blank.


Type and Priority: By categorizing the Maintenance Issue, we have found better prioritization takes place and increased tenant satisfaction. You will be able to filter and group via Maintenance Issue List Search.


Once the Maintenance Issue has been filled click Report. This will be then listed with Maintenance Management List.


In addition by selecting: Show Details, further information about the issue will drop down, given you quick access to the details.