Select Actions > Edit Sale Details 

You will then be able to edit the following fields: 

Main Information Tab

  • Reference: Auto Generated (Can be overwritten)
  • Status: Auto Generated based on Sales Events (See below)
  • Offer price: Price offered by purchaser
  • Asked price: Price the vendor has requested
  • Tenure Type: Lease, Free or Common hold. 
  • Purchaser: Search Prospect (Note can be more than one purchaser per sale offer)
  • Purchaser Type: Cash or Mortgage
  • If Mortgage
  • Deposit Amount: Deposit that the purchaser has
  • Lender: Add Lender. Searches Other Contact Type. i.e Bank 

Sale expected dates 

  • Offer received
  • Contracts Exchanged
  • Expected completion 
  • Chain Status

  • Assigned employee: Assign a staff member to manage this sale

Solicitors Tab



Vendor's solicitor: Add owner solicitors

Purchaser's solicitor: Add purchaser solicitors 

Description Tab

Tip: Useful for setting one off pieces of information, for example. I.e Recording any agreement made between purchaser and vendor. 

Example of Sales Details completed: