Creating custom sales events

You can create and add your own property sales workflow, allowing you to add and track parts of conveyancing to match your business processes. 

Start by opening Control Panel 

Then select - Look Up Values within the control panel window

This will open a selection of custom field groups. 

With this list there are 5 Main Categories that exist in a sales workflow. Within each category, there are a number of related events. 

They are: 

  1. Contract Events 
  2. Legal Survey and Searches Events
  3. Mortgage Events
  4. Offer Events
  5. Pre-Contract Events

Each of these event's categories has a number of default events within. 

For example: 

This will correspond with the sales events view: 

So for example, we want to record a verification check on the purchaser, and we want to be able to see this as the next event that should take place. 

On the same dictionary, we will add two events that will be logged once completed. 


- Applied for Verification check

- Verification check received

Once happy - click save

This will then become available as an event that can be selected: