Tenancy Settings

Create the settings that will automate rent creation and charges. Just select tenancy settings and follow the options that suit. 

Turn on Rent Payments automation: 

Tip: Check the period and day of the month, is when the rent payment from the tenant is expected to be received. 

Create corresponding payable to landlord: 

Default: This will transfer rent payment to landlord, once tenant pays. 

Untick: This will turn off transfer of rent from Tenant to Landlord. 

Guarantee landlord payments: 

A on/off switch will appear for guaranteed landlord payments, turn on to create a payable amount to the landlord for the same amount as rent, regardless if tenants pay. 

Apply Pro-rata

This option will calculate the pro-rata period. For example if the payment of rent is due monthly on the 1st, but the tenancy starts from 22nd, the system will calculate and create a charge for 8 days rent, then every 1st of each month. 

Landlord Fees 

Example: Adding a landlord management fee

Go to Landlord Fees, and select Add new fee collection rule

Tip: Set Charge Trigger, to be when tenant paid rent payment. This basically only charges once the tenant has made a payment. Useful for recurring management fees based on payment of rent. 

Example: Adding a landlord set up fee

Go to Landlord Fees, and select Add new fee collection rule

Note: The settings are automatically saved. Select back, to go back to the Tenancy Screen. 

Tenant Fees 

Example: Adding a booking fee to new tenant 

This example, will create a charge when a new tenant is added to the tenancy. 

Go to Tenant Fees, and select Add new fee collection rule


Further Tenancy Settings

Payment automation dates

This function allows you to create a separate start and end date for payments to the tenancy dates. 

For example tenancy starts on 6th May, but you want payments to generate from 6th June, just change this setting to suit. 

Enable periodic tenancy mode

This will auto-extend the tenancy and add another month/ week/ 4 weeks / 3 Monthly to the tenancy and add applicable rents associated with this. 

Other details

This information has no impact on the upcoming payments, and is merely to record this information. I.e Let-Only, Let Type etc. 

Advanced settings

Create fee due payments automatically 

There maybe cases, where by you want to charge fees on period basis without the need of charging rent. In this case you would turn this setting on to charge fees. 

VAT applicable to rent (%)

There maybe cases, where VAT is added to rental amounts. Just add the amount of VAT and this will automatically calculate on top of rent payments.