Quick Access to Manage the Property

On the side of the property details, you will see Buttons, given you quick access aspects of property management.

Side Bar Menu: 

Manage Rooms

The rooms are generated based on the number of bedrooms you initially added. From this screen you can add additional rooms, change titles, add measurements, descriptions, assign photos. 

EP Certificates (EPCs)

Here you can upload your own EPC file, generate a EPC Grid, or download a EPC from the national register. Free to premium subscribers. 


This screen you can upload .jpeg or .png files of one or many floor-plans. If subscribed to portals this information is automatically uploaded, and can be added to your website as additional functionality.


The heart of landmax.pro managing tenancies is easy. Quick access to create, manage multiple tenancies, related payments, run documents for these tenancies for a contact. 

Default Tenancy Settings 

Set up the charges and rules for a Landlord and his tenancies. Set preferred options for rent collection, quarterly, monthly etc. Set charges based on each landlord's preferences and have this information filter across the property, proposal and any future tenancies. 


Manage the conveyancing of a property and track the progression from start to finish. 

Maintenance Issues

Create and manage maintenance issues related to this particular property. Create single or list maintenance documents. 

Contractor Jobs

See the list of contractors jobs and whom is attending. Create single or list contractor job documents. 


Create viewings directly from the property. See related sales and lettings viewings completed, scheduled. 

Utility Readings 

Record and keep a detailed history of all the utilities including additional common bills, like Council Tax and Telecom. 

Property Keys

Log keys in property, track transfers of keys. 

Certificates and Inspections 

Log and keep a detailed history of certificates and inspections. Assign contractors and add start and end date. 

Changes History 

See log of any change with the property file. Logging general actions, date stamped. 

Header Bar Menu: 


Files is a great place to store important documents, any format can be stored here.


Access template documents that use the property details data.


Access template emails and sms that refer to owner on property and use the property details data.