Property Details Window

The property file is a central part of keeping all related records. Tracking the complete history of a property, from tenancies, sales, maintenance, and everything else in-between. 

Property Photos


You can add unlimited photos to be stored within each property. Select Click to Upload Photos

A Manage Photos Window will appear which you can either Upload Files via the Upload Files Button or simply drag and drop a group of images.


Once the photos have been uploaded, you can by selecting the photo, move its position, which will be reflected on your website and property portals, edit the description, delete image or even hide it from being uploaded on-line.

Tip: Select the photo and additional menu items appear.

Property Description


Back on the property, Click to edit property description will open a window, that allow you to enter a Short and Long Description

Short Description: Typically for the list format, showing a brief introduction to the property.

Note: this will usually be the first place your clients see the property advert on the website or property portals.

Long Description: The in depth description of the property. Usually shown, when the property is selected from a list within your website or property portal.

Tip: That you can format the text for both descriptions. Bold, Italic, Underline and bullet points. Making your description easier to read for your clients.

Further Property Details

This section can be edited to enhance the details of the property. Click the pencil button, to edit this section.

This will bring up an Edit Property Details Window. Here you can change the reference, edit the address, change bedroom numbers, even change the Landlord. 

Further you can label the property category, furnishing, tax band and alarm code for access.

Extra Details

Extra Details is a list grouped common features that can be added to the property. has provided the most common as example, but as a User, you can add your personalised lists. 

Adding your own list within Extra Details

To add your own custom list to the Extra Details Window. Go to Control Panel under Administration on the Desktop:


A control panel window will open, select Look Up Values:

A Look-Up Values Window, will appear. Here you will see a list of default values, which can be edited. Or create new to start a new list.

Dictionary Name: Title/Subject Name of your List

Add Item: Individual Item, that will become an option to select within Property Extra Details