Create Contact and New Property

You can start via either Contacts or Properties Button, the system is flexible enough to cover the quickest way to add details to the system.

1. Create a contact

Following profiles can have properties owned - Vendors & Landlords

You can add either a company or a person. Either way you can quickly add the contact name and press ok to continue adding the property or click to continue editing this contact.

Tip: If a Landlord is already within your system, just start entering the name and it will appear to be selected.

2. Create a Property

Address: Point your mouse over the address field, and notice the edit button, select and add address manually or add a UK Postcode to automatically find the address.

Bedrooms: List the number of bedrooms within the property. 

Note: Selecting the number here, will automatically generate Bedroom in Property > Extra Details. Especially handy for generating room-share property proposals. Note these details can be edited or changed later if needed.