Bulk Emails

In this example we will create a template that will:

  • Send to multiple contacts
  • Create multiple emails with varying information 

Template Set Up

Template Type: Email

Data-source: Tenancy Tenant 

Template Usage: Tenancy tenant report

Open Control Panel > Templates 

Select Create New > Blank template

This will open a Create new template window

Complete the following fields: 

Select Create template and select Click to continue editing

Single and Multiple Email Recipients 

On the Template screen select Edit template drop down and select Email template source editor

This will open the template editor for emails. You have a number of options presented. 

Single email: Choice of recipient type by profile

Multiple emails: Choice of recipient type by list of profiles

Either option will be available in the Bulk Option for Tenants, Tenancy, Tenancy Lists. 

Creating an email template

In our example, will use the Single email option and select the recipient to be {{tenant}}. This will allow us to send an email to every tenant about their specific tenancy information. Basically using a single template multiple times allowing a different email per contact to be sent in one go. 

Complete the email with the necessary content and then insert fields: 

Adding a layout to your email template

Your content is contained within a layout. A layout is the style/formatting that would be applied to your email or document template. 

Without Layout: 

With Layout: 

This layout is editable from Template Manager > Extras > Manage Global Layouts

To add a layout, within Email Template Source. 

Select Options > Change Layout and select the layout that you wish to use. 

Save changes and your email is ready to use.