Setting up the template

The help guide will cover creating a list of contacts and their contact details.

Open Control Panel

Open Template Manager

Within Template Manager. Select Create new in the tool bar menu

This will open Create new template screen

Template name - Create document name

Template type:

Rich editing document (Create a document using a text editor)

- HTML document (Create a document in pure HTML)

- Email (Create an email template)

- SMS (Create a text message template)

Data source: 

- Context based available fields with particular parameters

For example Tenancy Data source, has all the tenancy information, related tenants and owner. 

Template Usage: 

- Group your templates by standard business processes


Certain templates can be accessed from client login accounts if enabled on this profile field.  By default only Staff and Admin users will have access to the template. 

Description - Create a unique description for users to see when using this template

Contact Report with Contact Details

In this example, we want a contact report for a list of contacts. 

Template Preferences 

Template Type: Rich editing document

Data source: Contacts List 

Note: This data source will set the parameters to list and make available fields that relate to the contacts.  

Template Usage: Contacts List

Select Create template and this will open the template screen

Select Rich text source editor to edit the template source

We want a simple list of names, emails and contact numbers. 

Select Insert fields

There two types of fields: 


Singular fields, can be clicked on and inserted. 


List fields, need to have the main list field selected first, then the singular fields inserted within the list field. 

Example of inserting a list field and then the singular first name field within: 

So to make a simple list, we carry on adding the needed fields and any text that we also want in the report: 

Once done, save changes. 

To run and test a contact list report, go to Contacts, select the contacts that you wish to include within the report and generate.