A field is the basic unit of data entry in a record. For example a Contact Full Name, is a single record or field of data.

A number of fields can be added to a template to be merged on use. These are available in the template editor, and change dependent on the data source. 

Each data source, has a number of available fields which correspond to the screen that your using the template for.

Single Fields and List Fields

There are two different types of fields available. A single field, that can be clicked on and inserted. 

Example singular field - {{contact.firstName}}

Example list field {{#each contacts}} {{phone}} {{email}} {{/each}}

A list header, needs to be inserted first and then the fields within the list injected. 

Inserting Fields into an email template

To insert fields, select the tool bar on the menu.

Select Insert field

This will bring a list of available groups of fields:


Select Show fields

This will display the complete list of available fields for that group:

You can also search for an available field by typing the record name:

Select the field to insert it into the document or email template:

This will then merge when composing the new email via a contact: