This is has to do with the way you log in to

It seems you have been logging into multiple accounts from the same browser and the same computer without logging out of the previous session. When you do so Persona merges these accounts and uses the same password for them, overriding the old ones. So when the other account owner tries to login using previous password persona doesn't recognise it.

You can manage your persona account through this url:

if you login you will see the picture below with multiple emails in one account. Here are the easy steps you need to do to fix this and to make sure this doesn't happen again

  • click "edit" button you see on the picture and remove all emails except main one. 
  • for all those accounts password will need to be reset on login
  • for this to not happen again, make sure to log out from one account before logging in with another one when using  the same browser on the same pc (see below how to do this). Or alternatively use incognito mode to login from other account without affecting the other. 

Since this can be very confusing, I will show on the picture what should be avoided and how to login properly.

When you login to you see the persona screen (see image below). If you already have logged in with other email (like in this case i have logged in with account) and you want to login with another email, click "this is not me" button. In this case it will log you out first and then will ask you to login with different email. I guess you have previously  been clicking "Add another email address"  button which would merge these two emails into one account. That should be avoided.

We recommend for each user to use their email account to login and discourage from sharing accounts, as that can lead to unsactioned actions difficult to track. 


Ps. Another reason that user couldn't login was because his user login wasn't activated. For instance Steve Howell's login is not active. If you open his account you will see this picture below. If you notice it says "Activate user login" on the left. That means the login is not active and will need to be activated.