Access your website files 

Open Website from your desktop: 

Then select, Website Design

This will open up your structure and design of your website. Each folder storing a different section/part of your website


Relate to your content editor posts - see further help


CSS Files and Style's for the website

Images Storage


Website Pages, Website Sub Sections 

Edit some content within a page: 

Most of the time you may just want to simply edit some website content, update text, add pictures or add iframes. 

Folders to Note: 



Within the Templates Folder: 

There will be a list of pages and two more folders: 

- Content Folder

- Partials Folder

Think of each page listed as the structure of that page. 

Think as Content, as the inside of that website page structure. 

This way separating structure and content within the design. 

We want to add a paragraph to the about us page. 

So within the Content Folder, select and click on About-content.html

This will open an editable page in HTML: 

Freely edit the content and add what you think suits. 

Note if adding images, store them first in the Images Folder, then reference them in your content. 

Once done, save changes. 

Make your changes live

From the main website screen. Select update now

This will open up two options: 

Full  - which deploys major changes - like additional pages or changing images (website down for 5 minutes)

Quick - deploys updates to the website - like content changes (website remains active)

Select either to deploy your website live. 

Need further help on this, please get in touch with support.