Persona is used for password management for If there are multiple emails associated with one account, it is likely that each user is resetting each others password. This only occurs if both users have used the same PC, and have linked their email address in error. 

Check your password manager for multiple emails

And easy way to check if this affected you, is checking your persona account: 

You can access your password manager, by going to this link


By accessing it within, on your profile: 

Select the your profile name, located in top right corner.

This will open a pop up screen. Within the profile select Persona profile

When signed into persona, it will display the account manager page: 

To remove an associated email address, select edit: 

This will display an option to remove an email address. 

Select remove, and done: 

This should remove the issue of passwords being reset. 

Log in Management 

To avoid this happening, if multiple users are using the same PC, we suggest each user signing out of there account once finished. To do this: 

Select the signed in as, located in top right corner

This will open up a pop up. Within the profile select Sign Out

Then select confirm: 

Further a user will need to log out of the persona account: 

Multiple Email Addresses 

When logging in, do you see email address that's not yours? 


If the email is not yours or should not be associated with the same account. Select This is not me

This will refresh the log in screen, and you can sign in as normal: