Client Account Logins

Setting up an online account


Note this guide will follow an example of setting up a landlord account. But note the same method will work for all contact types, but only with their associated information.


Give it a go and see the difference between Contractor, Tenant, Applicant and Landlord Screens


To create an account for a contact. Go to the contact profile screen.


In this example we are going to send an invite to a Landlord so they can get access to their data.




We need to make sure there is an email for this contact. So select Edit Contact or pencil mark to open up the contact editor.


Within the contact editor, go to emails box and select Edit.




Add the contact email address:




Then select save changes, so that the window goes back to the profile screen.




Back on the profile screen - select User login account under the profile image:




On the user account screen, check email address and select send invitation:




Once sent a confirmation message via email will be sent to the contact.




What a Landlord Contact can see

Landlord Screen:






Property Portfolio Screen




Tenancies Screen




Maintenance Reporting




Tied directly to your account




Maintenance Tracking




Payments and Receipts





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