Duplicating a template

You can quickly duplicate the example templates and then edit to suit your exact business requirements. A good way to get familiar with templates and the how fields work within them. Some even containing specialised smart code, that carries out a function with the template. 

To duplicate a template and edit. 

Select control panel within your account: 

Open Templates Manager 

This will open to a screen complete with the complete template list: 

Select the template that you wish to duplicate. Do this by selecting the body and a blue tick will appear. 

On the toolbar, select + create new drop down, and select Duplicate selected 

This will create a new template, and select ok to open and edit the newly created template

Within a few seconds, the new template will open, where by you can change name and description or edit the source to the template. 

To edit the name and description, on the tool bar - select edit template drop-down:

This will open the edit screen. Change name and description to suit and then save changes.

This will take you back to the template editor. On the same screen select Edit template / sms / email 

This will open up the Template source: 

You will be able then to further edit the template: 

Add or change the content to suit. Then select save changes dropdown and select save & go back

This template will now be available in relevant communication button: