Templates are pre-written documents, letters, text messages that you can generate instantly, without the need of repetitive writing. 

Throughout landmax.pro you will find the paperwork button.

This button links to available documentation, ready to be used in one click.

Tip: In list view the paperwork button shows up when selecting a record.

Pre-Installed Templates

Included as part of your package are some basic templates. These will give you an idea of the full functionality available to you.

To see some of these

Go to Tenancies


Select and click the body of a particular tenancy, not the address link.

The tenancy record will be highlighted as shown below:

By selecting the paperwork button, a list of documents will appear that can be used with the tenancy information. Select a document that you wish to generate for that tenancy.

The next screen, tells you the rough content of this template and the Tenancy information that will be merged into the document.

Select Run Template


The document will generate quite quickly and you can post edit, by freely selecting any part of the document, and start typing.



Print Preview

By selecting the print preview button, a print screen will open ready for printing.

Notice that the content is now divided by pages and header and footer have been inserted automatically.

Save to Files

By selecting Save to Files, landmax.pro smartly locates the correct file and folder location for storing that particular document. And suggests other folders dependent on the content within the document.

I.e if the Tenant is within the document, their  file location will be suggested.


Once the file location and name is completed. Save File for future information, use or edit at later date.