Quickly create a viewing 

Select Viewing Button on the desktop

This will bring up the Viewings Screen. Select + New Viewing. A create new Viewing box will appear.

Note: Reference will automatically be populated, however you can change this to suit your organisation references.

Note: If prospect already within your landmax.pro, just start typing their name, and select the applicant who is to attend the viewing.

Or select the + to add a new applicant

Click Save Viewing, and Click to Continue Editing Viewing

This will bring up a Viewing screen

To add properties to a Viewing, click to select proposals, this will bring up a Viewing Proposals screen. 

Start by selecting + Add Proposal, this will bring up a box, where by you can search for available property proposals. Start by typing the address of the proposal, and select the proposal that you wish to add to the viewing. 

Once done, save changes. This will take you back to the Viewing Screen. 

Assigning staff to a viewing

On the viewing screen select Assign Staff and search for the member to be assigned. 

Once done the Viewing will be entered within the Calendar