Setting up posting from your Facebook Page

To post from a particular Facebook Page. 

  • Copy your facebook URL

Open your account. Go to Control Panel and open Agency Settings

Scroll down to Company Social Links and paste the URL in Company Facebook field

Click Save Changes

NOTE: Social Posts to Facebook Pages - require a vanity page to be set up. 


If you have yet to set up your Facebook vanity name - see Facebook Help on setting this up. 

Social Media Post

Promoting a property across the social media spectrum, can be done from the advertising proposal screen.

Select the title of a particular advertising proposal:

This will take to the advertising proposal screen

On the bottom right on the advertising proposal are links to the webc (instant on-line presence of this proposal) and social media quick posting.


So to post to Facebook, make sure you logged in your Facebook account on another page or tab.

Select Share on Facebook

This will open a post button with the proposal information attached. Click Share, and the property information will post to the timeline, that you are logged into.