Match prospects with advertised proposals 

There are a number of ways which you can match applicants against certain advertising proposals. Each way is based on what you are focused on at the time.

Each prospect has defined interests that are used to match against fields from a property and related advertising proposal. By adjusting the interests of an prospect you can widen or shorten the type of search/match.

A Prospective Purchaser 

Within the contact, with purchaser profile, you can edit Sale Interests, and define the requirements of the prospect purchaser. 

Did you know: That each contact can have multiple profiles, allowing for a contact to be both a prospective purchaser and a prospective tenant. 

A Prospective Tenant

Within the contact, with prospective tenant profile, you can edit Letting Interests, and define the requirements of the prospect tenant. 

Once saved, select Match Properties 

This will match the selection based on the criteria you have entered. 

Tip: By selecting photos, or white box, a blue tick will appear, allowing you to carry out further actions with Do with selected on the tool bar. 

This will allow you to create a viewing very quickly:


From the advertising proposal perspective

You can match any proposal against applicants interests. This pull’s up a list of applicants who may be interested in this proposal based on matching parameters.

From the prospect’s perspective

You can match any prospective tenant or purchaser against proposal and property information. This pull’s up a list of prospects who may be interested in this property based on matching parameters.

By selecting a number of proposals, you are able to also arrange a viewing.