To add extra fields in the property. Currently, the system identifies the location of this list by naming rule. This will change, in the medium term, however if you want the freedom of adding your own fields.

Go to Settings


Within Settings window, select Look Up Values from the left hand menu


Look up values window will open. A list of pre-made fields have been added.


Notice a common theme amongst the PropertyDetails Look up values.



We want to add a extra details list name as Add Room Info

To do this we select + Create new

This will bring up Edit Look Up Dictionary


In our example we'll name our dictionary name as:


This places the dictionary in the Extra Details dropdown within the Property


Once done, select + Add Item

Then add a value per line, that you wish to show up in this list


Click Save


The Lookup List has been saved successfully.


To use the list straight away, you have to refresh the page. Refreshing the page, means you are running the latest version of


Once done, go to the property, and select Edit property dropdown


A drop down will appear, select Edit property details

This will take you to Edit property details screen. Select Extra details


Select + Add Extra Details


A drop down will appear - select the list that you wish to add items from.

In this case Add Room Info:


Our list that we created, will be added. Tick the options that suit and click save.


That is how to create a Lookup Value list - remember the naming of the dictionary is key.

Follow this key Principle - start with PropertyDetails then add a word to name the list. For example PropertyDetailsHmo