Problem or Issue:

Uploading to Rightmove or other property portals the short or long description text uploaded, adds tags or symbols to the body of text. 



The issue can occur if copying text from a website. Underlining that text content is usually HTML. On your website or many other portals, the format is retained and no HTML tags or symbols will be present. However portals that use the Rightmove V3 Format, read the HTML format differently, causing the unformatted content appearing on their website. 

How to Resolve:

Rather than avoid copying on-line content with HTML tags. In we have supplied in the editor of short and long description, a strip HTML Button. This way allowing you to see the exact formatting that will be displayed on portals such as Rightmove. 


1. Go to the particular property affected, and edit description: 

Note: The formatting may appear fine when copying from another website, but HTML tags will appear hidden in the description editor, as it acts out the formatting from the HTML Tags.   

2. Select the body of the text, and a tool bar will appear at the bottom of the window

3. Highlight all the text, and select the last symbol, to clear the formatting. 

You may notice the text size adjust, but the spacing will be retained for the correct format, for Rightmove and similar portals feed specifications. 

Save Changes - and if an advertising proposal is active, this change will be instant on your website, compatible real-time portals.